Foresys can see right through you

Foresys can see right through you.

Well, technically we help your doctor see through you.  Philips Medical has some amazing new technology in its new Vereos Digital PET/CT System and Foresys is proud to say that we have been an important resource for Philips to rely on for expert design services.  While I do not look forward to needing the use of this advanced technology, if it happens that I do, I hope that my doctor has access to one of these…

Dock that MacBook!

When you think of Apple and Docking, you should think of Hengedocks.  Foresys helped design the electronics for their latest product, the Horizontal Docking Station.  What a beauty.

Foresys created the electronics, which included Intel’s Thunderbolt 2 interface.  Foresys is licensed by Intel to develop with the Thunderbolt interface.  If you are looking for a partner to develop high speed interfaces, like Thunderbolt, contact Foresys.

Not all radars point to the sky

Not all radars point to the sky. Not when you are US Radar. They make state-of-the-art Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) . Instead of searching for airplanes or thunderstorms in the sky, US Radar designs equipment that can peer through solid ground to reveal what is hidden beneath.  There are many applications.  Foresys was fortunate to be chosen to help them create their flagship product. There is some fascinating technology that is employed to make that industry leading product.

FPGAs, image sensors, and cameras

Cameras are everywhere.  I can remember when I thought to myself: “Who would ever want a camera in a cell phone?” I had the narrow view of my use of a camera – given my bulky SLR with a lens as big as my forearm.  A cell phone could never come close to that quality so I would never use it.

Just over 10 years have passed and clearly – things have changed.

Cell phone picture quality is still nowhere near my 10lb camera setup, but its darn good. But the key is that my cell phone is always with me. I take MANY more pictures on my cell phone than I do with my SLR.  I also take pictures of things I would have never dreamed of (product serial numbers, business cards, things I need to remember to buy, automatically checking the price of something by taking a picture of the barcode, etc…). I use the camera all the time.

What does this have to do with Foresys and our Expert Design Services? I’ll get to the point. FPGAs are outstanding low-power data processing wonders and they are well suited to connect to nearly any device. Foresys has already shown how well sensors can connect to FPGAs via the various interfaces, such as cameralink and MIPI.

Who would want to connect a camera to an FPGA?  Wait 10 years and see.

Foresys Becomes a Member of the Altera Design Services Network

Foresys has become a member of the newly formed Altera Design Services Network.

From Altera’s press release:

“The Design Services Network evolved out of Altera’s existing Certified Design Center (CDC) and Altera Consultants Alliance Program (ACAP) which collectively had 144 members in 33 countries. By combining these programs into a single program, Altera customers can more easily identify and engage with design service providers based on their specific project needs. Further, the program gives members streamlined access to Altera tools, IP, development kits and product knowledge to offer customers more efficient support. The program is expanding globally to provide customers with more timely and local design support for a range of services from feasibility studies and device selection to architecture development and system-level product design.

Each DSN member goes through a qualification process to ensure they have experience designing with Altera products, tools and IP, as well as differentiated application or technology expertise before they are invited to join the program. For complete information about the Design Services Program”