Embedded Design

Foresys’ embedded services range from processor selection to turnkey PCB Design and Software Development.

We work with a wide variety of embedded processors from Intel, Freescale, Atmel, ST Micro and Marvel. We also specialize in embedded development within FPGAs. FPGA embedded designs include options such as Altera’s customizable Nios II processor or the new dual ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore hard processor. The highly configurable FPGA fabric has direct access to the embedded processor, which enables us to customize a high performing single chip solution that integrates numerous system components.

Not only do we provide the hardware services needed to implement an embedded solution, but we also provide embedded software development. Our software engineers develop  in C/C++, Python, and Javascript.

Foresys  has completed embedded solutions for medical, industrial, and commercial clients in many areas, such as graphics processing, touchscreen control, surveillance and advanced sensor development.