FPGA Design

Foresys logic designers come from a background in ASIC design. ASICs require months to manufacture and millions in NRE costs. First-pass success is a necessity. We follow the same strategies whether we are developing an ASIC or an FPGA to ensure that our designs consistently achieve first pass success. Our process for turnkey FPGAs requires that we:

  • Fully understand the design intent and document it for client approval
  • Code the design using proven coding styles
  • Create a custom testbench and verify all functionality of the design
  • Review coverage metrics and code coverage to achieve 100% effective coverage
  • Review IO driver selection with Foresys Signal Integrity Expert

Foresys offers a wide range of FPGA and ASIC design services from full turn-key development to individual services including:

  • Architecture development
  • RTL coding in Verilog, System Verilog or VHDL
  • Embedded processor integration
  • Verification in VHDL or System Verilog OVM, UVM, or VMM
  • Synthesis
  • Floorplanning
  • Place and Route
  • Lab Diagnostics

When you engage with Foresys on a logic design, you should expect a short integration period. We are able to avoid a protracted diagnostic period by communicating the design accurately to other members of your design team. This is especially true when a design involves a complex software interface. We provide your development team with software routines to interface to the FPGA  which help eliminate incompatibilities that teams often experience during integration.

We do our job right the first time. We stand behind our turnkey FPGA designs with a no-excuses warranty. Our clients do not pay us to fix mistakes; they pay us to do it right the first time. We do this by assigning only highly trained principal engineers who have the skills to complete the job quickly and accurately.